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Denis Di B. Great band. Had a great time playing with you. It was big fun, I'd love to do it again.
Dave I. The band is great and I really enjoy working with you guys. I always have fun.
Dan G. The band sounds great and I really like singing Michael Bublé's music with you.
I can't wait until you are able to perform it in public.
Kat P.  You have a great horn band. You really rock and do great jazz, too. I had a blast singing with you and covering Earth, Wind and Fire, one of my most favorite bands.
Sean R. It was thrilling to join in with the band. I'm always up for performing with you guys.
Steve M. I really enjoyed the band. I had a lot of fun singing with you. It was an honor.
Saron C. Every time I sing with the band, I can't believe just how good you are.
Tony V.  Wonderful band. I loved singing with you guys. I hope we can do it again.
Anthony C. The band is terrific. Great arrangements. I had a lot of fun playing with you.
Eddie S. What an awesome band! You were tearin' it up. We look forward to having you and your Maynard Ferguson Tribute back next year at the Rehoboth 'True Blue' Jazz Festival.
Janice D. What a fantastic band. I attend all of your concerts and every song you play puts a smile on my face. It's wonderful that I get to hear a local, modern big jazz band of such high caliber.
Rick N.  Good Show! The band sounds better than ever. Good soloing by all, good dynamics and tight endings. Great job backing Denis. You guys work hard and it shows.
Monika F.  I love your band and you just keep getting better. I always have fun at your concerts.
I'm looking forward to your Michael Bublé tribute.
Lucy O.  Your band is fantastic, great music. I tell everyone that I know just how good you are.
Rob S.  You guys were awesome and when you played MacArthur Park it brought tears to my eyes just as if Maynard was playing it himself. My friends and I loved the concert. It was lots of fun.
Bill H. You were fantastic. That was the best sounding concert that you ever had. You really rocked and I like that you are always playing something new for us. We had a blast.
Jackie B. Great concert. Good band and tight rhythm section. You really put on a good show, and this is your regular band too. Well done.
Margaret D. Hearing this band is like listening to all the music that I grew up with. Seeing them is everything you could ever want in a live performance.
Tom F.  Fantastic band. I loved what you played. Very professional and I will tell everyone that you are terrific.
Pete C. You guys are awesome and a lot of fun to listen to at your concerts. MacArthur Park was exceptional.
Warren K. You have a terrific band and I love coming to hear you play.
David J. I closed my eyes and I could hear David Clayton Thomas singing.
I really loved your Blood Sweat & Tears tribute. It took me back to my college days.
Elizabeth D. I love this band. You're awesome! Your concerts are always so much fun.
Mike C. Fantastic band and playing Maynard Ferguson takes a lot of talent. I'm really impressed, especially with MacArthur Park, Country Road and Give It One. I can't wait to hear his Theme From Rocky, 'Gonna Fly Now'.
Tom P. Awesome band. You guys are amazing. Chicago, Blood, Sweat & Tears and Maynard, too. Wow!
Steve B. You really have a great band. We're looking forward to your next concert. My wife is a big Michael Bublé fan.
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